Delightful 6 Bluetooth Mirrors to Light Up your Bathroom

bluetooth bathroom mirror

A bathroom without a mirror is like a river without water. Adding a mirror to your bathroom provides that visual interest for a dramatic sense of bathroom experience.

Not only does it bring beauty in your bathroom but can also make a room appear bigger with strategic placement.

To start your journey with embracing change, here’s our list of Bluetooth mirrors you could perfectly style your bathroom with:

1. Compose Bluetooth Mirror Cabinet

The beauty of this mirror is your future-proof addition to your bathroom aesthetics. Embrace modernity with wireless Bluetooth connection from your smartphone to the mirror.

compose bluetooth mirror integrated USB socket

Plus, it boasts an integrated USB socket allowing you to either charge your phone or connect other devices like shavers or trimmers and continue on with your business in the bathroom.

2. Forte Bluetooth Mirror

Listening to music while showering, the Forte Bluetooth mirror allows you to that. Pair any device with its Bluetooth technology and play your favorite tunes at any time.

It is also integrated with a heat demister pad to prevent steam from interrupting your daily routine.  

3. Groove 50

Same with Forte, Groove 50 is a single door double-sided mirror cabinet with readily available wireless Bluetooth connection to play your tunes with a demisting heater pad to avoid steam from interfering in your bathroom activities.

It also comes in light adjusting touch switch to adapt to your lighting and temperature needs.

4. Groove 60

Another product from the Groove line is Groove 60 having the same features as Groove 50 with an upgrade of a double door cabinet. It is centrally divided for effective storage needs.

It perfectly reflects your wall or tile matching well with your bathroom style.

5. Groove 80

The Groove 80 also comes in a double door mirror cabinet unit with an internally illuminated feature allowing you to a better bathroom experience.

6. Tune Bluetooth Cabin

Adding a dash of glitz in your bathroom, the tune Bluetooth cabinet provides you with advanced yet user-friendly mirror needs.

Its glass shelf can be adjusted according to your storage needs.

Over to you…

Found something you like but having trouble installing your Bluetooth bathroom mirror? Just leave us a message and we’ll be happy to provide you with the help you need.

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