Bathroom Towel Rails: 4 Tips on How to Choose the Right Heated Towel Rail?

Bathroom Towel Rails: 4 Tips on How to Choose the Right Heated Towel Rail?

Choosing the right heated bathroom towel rail can make or break your chosen bathroom design so be sure to keep on reading and be schooled on which is best for you.

What is a Heated Towel Rail?

Heated towel rails are installed and used in places that are rich in moisture like the bathroom. It functions as a drying appliance to keep your towels warm, dry, and fluffy every time you use it. Plus, it keeps the environment clean and mildew-free.

Also, it adds that warming comfort in your bathroom atmosphere creating an inviting vibe to visit your bathroom any time of the day.

So, now let us start itemising on how you can choose the right heated towel rail for you and your current bathroom.

1. Weigh in the Size

Heated towel rail sizes range from a large-sized 1800mm by 600mm to a pocket-sized 700mm by 400mm size.

A too-large towel rail can cost you with energy bills. While a too small will not suffice for colder days specifically on winter months.

Your best bet is to properly assess your bathroom, choose a large enough towel rail appropriate to your bathroom size.

2. Keep an Eye on the Material Used

Since towel rails are exposed to moisture rusting and a potential leak may arise. It is a must to factor in the durability of the product not just its aesthetic value. Most towel rails are made with chrome or stainless steel. To further help you, here’s a side by side comparison of chrome plated and stainless-steel towel rail:

PriceHigh priced for its valueCheaper than stainless steel.
Rust ResistanceRust freeDoes not rust but can appear dull when damaged.
DurabilityHigher resistance to chips and scratches.Vulnerable to chips and scratches.
Level of Chrome UsedMade up of chromeUses chrome as an outer layer only.
Heating CapabilitiesFlexible to electric based or central heating system.Uses electrolysis (hydronics) which is cheaper.
Aesthetics ValueDimmer shineBrighter shine
Shine MaintenanceEasier to polishDifficult to clean
Energy EfficiencyUses 60 – 166 watts power taking up to 5-10 minutes to heat up.Energy efficient through the use of hot water plumbing.
Health BenefitsFree from bacteria and algae build up.Vulnerable to limescale if not dried properly.

If you are in a tight budget it would be ideal to choose chrome-plated towel rail only if you currently have an indoor hot water plumbing whilst if you wanted value for your money, durability, and longer lifespan, the stainless steel towel rail is your best option.

3. Installation Requirements

Towel rails vary in mounting needs. It can either come as wall-mounted or freestanding.

Wall-mounted towel rails require placement on the wall. Considerations include either installing it above the tile line or find a unit made level on uneven walls.

While freestanding towel rail is much more flexible. If there’s a space in the area then it is doable. Plus, this can be easily installed by novice DIY-ers.

4. Storage Capabilities

Considerations should include the number of people who will be using the fixture. It would make sense to have a larger towel rail for a large number of users with consideration to the bathroom size. The size and storage capabilities would be the ones you should further give some thought to.

A good towel rail should be a space saver which also functions to keep your clothes dry.

Over to you…

Upon gathering knowledge on what to choose, it is now time to start your search. Look into our list of modern and traditional heated towel rails to keep your towels warm and fluffy and maintain an ideal bathroom atmosphere temperature.

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